The IR-C longwave MO-EL heaters offer a pleasant feeling of warmth and enveloping tones. The attention to the performance and appearance comes together to create a prestigious heater that creates a warm and comfortable area around people while guaranteeing the efficiency of consumption. IP55 protected against water and dust, they are IMQ certified. Available in various powers, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Power: 2400 W

Suitable For: Warming people in places like restaurants or bars. Even for a long time, it warms up in an enveloping and pleasant way.

Coming with: Dimmer and remote control

Accessories: 9005ED, 9006ED, 9007ED for indoor use.

Made in: ITALY

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Product code: MOEL1234

Weight 8,8 kg
Dimensions 171 × 20,1 × 5,8 cm
Long Description

The black surface of the reflecting body emits the maximum radiation at each temperature and wavelength. The black surface and the thickness of anodizing have been calculated to maximize emissivity. A cross section with decreasing thickness draws heat from the heating elements to spread it evenly up to the sides. The longitudinal ribs increase the radiating surface intensifying the irradiation and allowing the rays to spread further, expanding the range of action accordingly.
The optimization of the insulation between the radiant and the upper body allows to transmit the highest possible percentage of heat to the people to be heated. The insulation system also includes some technical measures to reduce the effects of thermal bridges. The duration of the product is guaranteed by a careful choice of materials. The armored heating elements are siliconed to reach IP67 and preserve them from humidity, thus safeguarding their life span and avoiding short circuits. The operating temperature is 340 ° C to maximize the emission of infrared rays remaining below the limits of decay of the anodization.


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